Skills: Figma, Prototyping, and Wireframes. Work Types: Other and Prototyping.

Portfolio Prototype

The first step for a successful website project is a clear prototype for me. I like to jump straight into this phase after a quick wireframe. My new portfolio prototype was made using Figma, an incredible design and prototyping tool.

Portfolio Prototype image

The Brief icon project clipboard

My portfolio was outdated and it’s design wasn’t offering a great user experience, it was in desperate need of a redesign. I took pen and paper, draw a quick sketch of a wireframes then jumped into Figma to design a high quality prototype for my WordPress theme and plugins pages. The result was a clean and comprehensive design with users in mind. The next step was to add each new feature to my development tasks list, create a backlog and start coding theme and plugins.

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Most of the pages of the prototype were ready in a week, then during the development few more sections were introduced and the prototype refined including shop pages and checkout page layout. Approaching a project with a well structured prototype makes life easier when it's time to code.

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