Bills App

The Brief

Completed for:

Open source Community

A personal project aiming to experimenting new technologies and build something useful and open source.

Time Frame

There wasn’t a deadline or a set time frame for this web app. Built during a raining weekend just to experiment a little and kill a few spare hours.



Intuitive UI


Easy UX


Useful web app

About BillsApp

Bills App is a web application developed using Laravel, VueJs, bootstrap and other amazing technologies just to make consumers life easier.

Building the Web App

Target Audience

Anyone who want's to use a web app to get bills and expenses in one place and search transactions, exported from the bank account.

My Approach


Defining the architecture


Design UI on the fly


Development and testing


Push on the repository

It's Responsive

Implementing RWD principles since 2010

Taking advantage of media queries and an amazing framework like bootstrap RWD is  just part of the development process today.

I have implemented the first RDW design in 2010 on a Magento 1 website and since then bootstrap became one of my favorite tools.

Bespoke Web Application

Entirely developed from Scratch using Laravel framework 5.7

Feature image

The BillsApp is a simple way to import your bank trasactions and keep track of your expenses and income. The beta version works with one user and one account only.

  1. Import from a .csv file all your expenses from your bank account
  2. Import from a .csv file all your earnings from your bank account
  3. Display records in Graphics and styled tables
  4. Search in and out transactions
  5. Add/Edit Bank accounts
  6. Display Payments and Earnings by Category
  7. Display Account Balance and alerts

Feature image

Manage bills in the modern society isn’t always the easiest thing.

Lunch project

The Developer

Created by:

I am a senior entrepreneur, full-stack php developer, Laravel, WordPress, Magento experience with knowledge responsive web design, frameworks and SEO techniques. Several years of experience as CAD Designer and website-eCommerce administrator with digital marketing experience. Analytical mindset with problem solving skills. Productive, self motivated and well organised. I’m a bilingual Italian-English with a strong personality, very flexible, and enthusiastic to work in other Cities or Countries. Loving knowledge and new challenges if there is anything that I don’t know how to do, I’m always likely to learn it. I put passion and care in everything I do. I’ve a strong sense of responsibility, ethics and duty. I’m a friendly, enthusiastic open minded person, always happy to work in a team but also capable of working on my own.

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