Weedipsum – Free random text generator for developers

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Weedipsum – Free random text generator for developers

To build amazing CDB Websites

Speaking about the recent legalization of CBD based products that is taking place in many European countries like Italy, Switzerland, UK and also outside in some states in the US, I found useful to make a simple web application to help developers looking for a random text generator like the popular loremIpsum but dedicated for this purpose, I’ve called it Weedipsum.

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If you want, feel free to use the text for your projects, just hit the button on the website to generate some random Weedipsum text.

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As said I made a simple web app, just to render few random words and here is how I it works:

I’ll show you how to make one in another post.

This is the era of the technological revolution, climate changes, veganism and legalization.

The governments have finally admitted among other things that cannabis has benefits on human health and the planet (after having denied the medical evidences for years) now the world is embracing this plant as a life saver, the medicine wants to help the humans of this modern society to cope with its stress and diseases.

I personally want to help those who are taking the challenges of developing websites to support and push this revolution forward. Enjoy with it, #peace and #love


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I am a senior entrepreneur, full-stack php developer, Laravel, WordPress, Magento experience with knowledge responsive web design, frameworks and SEO techniques. Several years of experience as CAD Designer and website-eCommerce administrator with digital marketing experience. Analytical mindset with problem solving skills. Productive, self motivated and well organised. I’m a bilingual Italian-English with a strong personality, very flexible, and enthusiastic to work in other Cities or Countries. Loving knowledge and new challenges if there is anything that I don’t know how to do, I’m always likely to learn it. I put passion and care in everything I do. I’ve a strong sense of responsibility, ethics and duty. I’m a friendly, enthusiastic open minded person, always happy to work in a team but also capable of working on my own.

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