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Tutorials on WordPress TV

Find out my tutorials published on the official website. Freely available to the community.

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WordPress TV Tutorials Fabio Pacifici

From today you can find my tutorials on the WordPress TV

The how-to guides cover from the very basics to advanced concepts like how to create your WordPress plugin.

☯️Banned from the group, published on WordPress TV. A story of restored justice☯️

A couple of weeks ago, the official LinkedIn WordPress group banned me. I didn’t anything wrong except making a post (only the second since I joined a while ago) and, I forgot to tag the post as “promotional”. It was about a series of tutorial for WordPress which I did entirely for free and that are AD-Free, so not much to do with promotions I guess.

Being banned upset me quite a lot. However, I haven’t written to the owner of the group Matt Mullenweg to complain as it was probably my fault (or at least that is what my wife Serena made me believe).

I was too thrilled to share some free resources with the group that I forgot to add a tag to the post, my bad. However, I think that ban me was a bit excessive, but hey, your group your rules.

I was looking to share with the community what I did for free so, I submitted my videos to the official WordPress TV and, I am happy to see that they got published.

Tutorials WordPress TV

Here is my speaker page on official the WordPress TV website:

There will be more video available in the following couple of weeks, so make sure to keep an eye.

WordPress TV Tutorials Fabio Pacifici

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