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Schedule a 15 minutes meeting with me, let’s have a chat about your next project and its requirements, at the end of our meeting I will suggest services for you to get started.

My Calendar

Click the calendar to see my availability and book your 15 minutes session. The meeting will take place on Zoom, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the meeting. Make sure to include some details about you, and your project so we won’t waste each other time.

Consultancy session | Purchase your Voucher..

You need to purchase a meeting voucher before I can reserve for you a spot on my calendar.

Before scheduling a Meeting make sure to check out some of the services I offer ..

The meeting will last for 15 minutes so make sure you have a clear idea of what you need and what I can offer, visit my services to find out more

Complete the Project Brief form

My project brief form is a great resource. It will help both to define your requirements. At the end you will receive a free project brief that is worth the time.

Before the Meeting read more about me..

Connect with me on Linkedin or on my new You Tube channel and if you are looking for code, plugins and themes you can keep an eye on my WordPress and BitBucket accounts.

See some sample of my work

My works archive page is the right place to visit if you want to see things I have done just click here

Read a post or two from my blog

From time to time I like to write blog posts, share my resources, favorite tools and bugs I find and fix as well as interesting readings I make and find online so make sure to check it out here.