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My Development Environment 2020 | Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

for Python, Laravel, WordPress, VueJs and more

build a multi-tools environment that includes Python, Jupyter lab, PHP, MYSQL, NGINX, Laravel, WordPress and much more.

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my development environment 2020

During the years the environment evolved and with the latest distribution of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS you might want to migrate your environment and start using it.

In this video I’ll guide you in the setup of the new Utuntu 20.04 LTS distribution via WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux) – The same can be applied to pure Linux distributions.

My Development Environment 2020

First of all we need to make sure that WSL is enabled in our system. If you are using a Linux Distribution you can skip this step.

1# Endable WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux)

Open a windows power shell and run as admin:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

Now Reboot the system.

Download from the windows store Ubuntu 20.04

2# Install Software on Ubuntu With the environment script.

There is a lot of stuff to install and depending on your requirements you might want to install even more packages. For this task I have created a bash script to automate the installation process and keep a reference of the key components of my environment.

I’ll try to keep it updated but you can fork it and change it as you need.

The Environment Setup Script is available at the link below:

The script will install the following packages

  1. Python:
    1. PIP python3 package manager
    2. Python Jupyther lab and jupiter notebook
    3. Python modules: requests, psutil,
    4. Python scientific distribution: numpy scipy matplotlib ipython jupyter pandas sympy nose
  2. PHP 7.4
  3. Composer
  4. MYSQL
  5. NGINX
  6. Dns Masq and network tools
  7. PHP Extensions
  8. Redis Server and PHP redis Extension
  9. NodeJs
  10. Yarn
  11. Vue and Vue-cli
  12. Laravel
  13. WP-CLI
  14. Valet-linux

If you want to add docker to the environment, you need to use WSL 2 accordingly to the docket documentation. WLS2 is available from Windows version 18917 and following releases – check the docs.

3# Tools to install

If you are following along and using WSL, you will need to install these tools on the Windows side, but if you are using Linux then you can install them directly on Linux.

That was an upgrade of the 2018’s post my Development environment for Laravel and WordPress.