Form Validation test – Microsoft website hacked

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Form Validation test – Microsoft website hacked

Do you validate form data? What can happen if you don’t?

Microsoft today is the subject of our first security test related to forms and data validation.

I wanted to play around to test this server edition, so using my Virtual lab I decided to test Microsoft Server 2016 essentials and download it from the Microsoft  Evaluation centre.

Hacking Microsoft Website –  the video 

The Microsoft website today is a good example of what happens when you don’t validate well your form data.

Leave the required fields vulnerable to browsers attacks is a bad idea unless you don’t care.

When I started coding I realised how easy could be with some knowledge hack a website.

If the registration form to download a product from the website can be hacked from any browser without actually filling any form …what else can be attacked?


Link to – hacked form:

Sometimes Microsoft security seems like its leaking here and there  🙂

Our personal details have a big value and we all know that they are vital for companies looking forward to building solid marketing strategies.

Target customers based on the details they provide online is the basic.

We all should be aware of how to protect our personal details and Entrepreneurs and Corporations should be aware of how to protect their products using a form correctly.

Form Validation, the basics:

Windows better say goodby


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