Project Management

Project Management

May 13, 2018

assessment Responsible with multitasking skills, project manager able to plan and organize events. Idea’s analysis and research, cost’s analysis, project proposal drawing to find sponsors and work out partnerships. Good communication skills able to coordinate the work team. Head of communication with Town Councils, Media partners, sponsors.

Fabio Pacifici

Life is a project that we manage daily, it doesn’t matter what happens.
All we know is that it keeps going on and on so we care and do as much as possible to sort things right.
When is about to manage a project idea the approach is pretty much the same..
get the job done quickly as well as possible.
A briefcase of my previous management projects as events organizer can be found below.

About Me


I am a senior entrepreneur, full-stack php developer, Laravel, WordPress, Magento experience with knowledge responsive web design, frameworks and SEO techniques. Several years of experience as CAD Designer and website-eCommerce administrator with digital marketing experience. Analytical mindset with problem solving skills. Productive, self motivated and well organised. I’m a bilingual Italian-English with a strong personality, very flexible, and enthusiastic to work in other Cities or Countries. Loving knowledge and new challenges if there is anything that I don’t know how to do, I’m always likely to learn it. I put passion and care in everything I do. I’ve a strong sense of responsibility, ethics and duty. I’m a friendly, enthusiastic open minded person, always happy to work in a team but also capable of working on my own.

Most Wanted

Real Estate Development


  • Start your own real estate business
  • Responsive design
  • User friendly admin panel
  • Intuitive design
  • Customisable

This entitles to one our of development.

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Laravel Bespoke Web Application/Website Development


When your business need a specific tool that needs to be developed around it then it needs a bespoke application. Because it’s specifically designed for a certain set of tasks or activities than that is the solution you want to go for.

Using the Laravel framework, flexibility and autonomy are a guarantee that anything is possible.  Make sure to complete the website quote form, to provide as much details as possible about your idea using the website quote button at the top of the page.

Purchase this package entitles you to one hour of Laravel development.


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Website Maintenace


  • Security updates
  • Plugins and theme updates
  • Custom features
  • Blogs, e-Commerces, Bespoke systems
  • Friendly support and consultancy

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