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The password reset issue


Laravel 5.7 Multi-language | Complete guide

In this guide I will cover all the steps to make a Laravel multi-language web application, including extra steps required to fix a couple of issues that I found along the way. However, I won’t cover the basics like how to install laravel or the basics of the authentication provided by the framework that you


Weedipsum – Free random text generator for developers

Speaking about the recent legalization of CBD based products that is taking place in many European countries like Italy, Switzerland, UK and also outside in some states in the US, I found useful to make a simple web application to help developers looking for a random text generator like the popular loremIpsum but dedicated for


My Development Environment for Laravel & WordPress

Windows 10 / Linux 18.04 Development Environment Setup   This outlines the steps I take to setup my development environment on a Laptop using windows 10 and the new feature WSL. This requires the latest Windows 10 update¬† with an Ubuntu 18.04 installed as Subsystem.   Warning: Advanced Topic!¬†Using Vagrant within the Windows Subsystem for