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Open source alternative to cPanel

Dashboard Virtualmin

How to build your own web hosting server using Virtualmin, Ubuntu 18.04 and Vitualbox in 40 Minutes.

Today I will show you how to build an hosting server using Virtualmin, Ubuntu server 18.04 and VirtualBox.   Step by step instruction: Download and Install Vitualbox from the official site if you haven’t already. Then download Ubuntu server from the official ubuntu download page Now we are ready to create our first


Windows better say goodby

Form Validation test – Microsoft website hacked

Do you validate form data? What can happen if you don’t? Microsoft today is the subject of our first security test related to forms and data validation.


Vagrant Public Network issues

I recently faced an issue while testing Vagrant on Virtualbox, to run a webserver. I am assuming that you know what I am talking about, that you know what is a Web server, a Virtual machine, a Pc, Vagrant etc..