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GitLab installation Cover

How To Install a GitLab Server in 20 Minutes

What’s gitLab why I should install it? Git-lab is a complete devops tool in a single application. Inside it we can find lots of coll stuff, from project planning, source code management, CI/CD, monitoring and security tools to help us build and maintain our applications.   To follow along you will need to: Download and



Laravel 5.7 Multi-language | Complete guide

In this guide I will cover all the steps to make a Laravel multi-language web application, including extra steps required to fix a couple of issues that I found along the way. However, I won’t cover the basics like how to install laravel or the basics of the authentication provided by the framework that you


Dashboard Virtualmin

How to build your own web hosting server using Virtualmin, Ubuntu 18.04 and Vitualbox in 40 Minutes.

Today I will show you how to build an hosting server using Virtualmin, Ubuntu server 18.04 and VirtualBox.   Step by step instruction: Download and Install Vitualbox from the official site if you haven’t already. Then download Ubuntu server from the official ubuntu download page Now we are ready to create our first


Create an Ubuntu Bootable USB stick

Create a bootable USB stick Download Ubuntu from the official website ( Verify the checksum for the file that you just downloaded following the instructions on screen:echo “add4614b6fe3bb8e7dddcaab0ea97c476fbd4ffe288f2a4912cb06f1a47dcfa0 *ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso” | shasum -a 256 –check Your might look differently. Download rufus from the official website ( Burn the ubuntu .iso file into the USB stick using


Install Jenkins on Ubuntu Server 18.04 and Virtualbox – Step by Step in 20 minutes

Jenkins in an open-source continuous integration server. For this tutorial I am assuming that you are already familiar with Virtualbox and it’s already installed on your system, if not you need to install virtual box from here. Steps to Install Jenkins using Ubunu 18.04 and Virtualbox 6.0 Download the latest version of Ubuntu Server Create