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I'm all about Passion, Patience for details and Hard work.
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I am a senior entrepreneur, full-stack PHP developer specialised in the development of bespoke websites and web applications, using a mixture of technologies to build the right software for a project. The Laravel Framework is my favourite tool combined with Bootstrap, VueJs and other frameworks and packages. Version Control with Git, and packages management via Composer, Npm are part of my workflow. I have extensive experience developing using WordPress, Woocommerce, and Magento 2, and other open-source software, CMS, ERP, E-Commerces and multiple frameworks.

I developed my first website in 2005, and I have an excellent working knowledge of responsive web design, User experience and design principles, prototyping, and how to apply them on your website project — everything with SEO in mind.

I have a strong sense of responsibility, ethics and duty, and at the same time, I expect from clients a fresh and collaborative approach, honesty and a realistic budget for their software. I charge premium rates, only

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My Expertises:

Here is a quick overview about my abilities and professional areas.
They are always ongoing as far as my life goes forward they grow in many different ways.
It doesn’t matter if it’s about to handle an hammer or a keyboard,
code a website or draw a sewer plan in a CAD environment.



AutoCAD Technician with excellent 2D and 3D knowledge with over 20years experience. Electrical design background ...Read More


autocad | MS Excel | MS Outlook | MS Word |


Project Management

Responsible with multitasking skills, project manager able to plan and organize events. Idea’s analysis and ...Read More


MS Excel | MS Outlook | MS Outlook Word Excel | MS Word |


Graphic Design

Development of Graphic and web contents to grow the brand’s awareness. Web graphics, banners, adverts, ...Read More


Adobe Comb | Illustrator | Marvel app | Photoshop |


IT Systems & Networking

Experienced team leader with skills to ensure a perfect workflow, manage and coordinate the team ...Read More


patch panels | pc repair | pc updating | pc upgrading | racking |



Full-stack php developer building fully responsive websites, web applications with bespoke themes and plugins. I ...Read More


Bootstrap | CSS3 | HTML5 | jQuery | JS |



Experience of software for video editing and production of content for web and marketing purposes, ...Read More


adobe premiere | others | pinnacle studio |



Website and eCommerce functionality improvement, social media management and integration, Google Analytic and SEO – ...Read More


google analytics | google search console |



E-commerce administrator B2B/B2C, able to add new products or update existing. Build, monitor and improve ...Read More


bespoke eCommerce | magento 2 | woocommerce |

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  • Responsive design
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  • Intuitive design
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My Works

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My Skills:

Find out read more about my skills and how I managed to add them to my knowledge pool.

  • autocad |
  • MS Excel |
  • MS Outlook |
  • MS Word |
  • Bootstrap |
  • CSS3 |
  • HTML5 |
  • jQuery |
  • JS |
  • Laravel |
  • MySQL |
  • Nodejs |
  • npm |
  • PHP |
  • Vue frameworks |
  • MS Excel |
  • MS Outlook |
  • MS Outlook Word Excel |
  • MS Word |
  • adobe premiere |
  • others |
  • pinnacle studio |
  • Adobe Comb |
  • Illustrator |
  • Marvel app |
  • Photoshop |
  • patch panels |
  • pc repair |
  • pc updating |
  • pc upgrading |
  • racking |
  • routers |
  • structured cabling |
  • switches |
  • troubleshooting |

My Services

Analysis & Optimisation

Page speed, seo-sem and more

Why performance is so important? I think that this 4 points below represents the main ...Read More

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Web, print, CAD and more

Web design Wed design is the art of designing web pages and the user experience. ...Read More

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Website Development

Bespoke solutions, CMS, eCommerce and more

Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet ...Read More

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  • Project Analisys:

    Project Analisys:

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    Plan carefully each task is what makes a project a step forward.

  • Meet dead-lines:

    After a good plan dead lines are easy to digest.

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